Feline Asthma

In loving memory of the special cats lost to this terrible disease.

Rainbow Bridge

I've traveled the pathway before you
I've made you the person of my day
But now that I've gone on before you
It's only to show you the way

-Courtesy of Paw Print Pet Cemetery

BarneyAngela's Barney
7/7/88 - 1/15/03

My dear baby boy,
my little soldier,
my soul mate,
you are sadly missed
but will stay in my heart
until my dying day.

Rest in peace
my sweet one
and please....
leave me never.

Yours Always.


Kimberley M.'s Duck
4/19/96 - 12/13/02


Duck and I shared
seven wonderful years. The sum of all my days with him defines my bond, not just those
final moments
and the last goodbye.

Avis' The Pee
11/27/90 - 2/12/02

What can I say about the Pee that has not been said.
He was my heart and soul and I will miss him always.
He was the Pee and that really says it all!

The PeeThe Pee

Susan's Percy


In Loving Memory of My Percy
You are in the spiritual world now, but you are still with me wherever I go, and we will be reunited when I die, because our love is a bond stronger than death..... You loved life, and you never gave up.

I love you, Your mommy, Susan


Amy's Clementine
Amy's Clementine

In honor of my darling Clementine, who I loved like
crazy for 10 years. She
left me on April 11, 2003.

I have always preferred,
The ones who are furred,
Those who are leathered,
And the ones who are feathered.

When they leave us, there is a pain,
That words or logic can't explain.
But maybe they are in a perfect place,
Where they can still feel my embrace.

Death for me will be alright,
If at that time I reunite,
With all the creatures I still love,
Who look down on me from up above.

Kim's Otis
12/26/1996 - 10/9/2004

Kim's Otis

I don't cry because he's gone,
I smile because he was here.

Kathy's Ally
Oct. 1997 - March 14, 2005


My little baby girl who was everything to me.
She was the greatest gift I ever received. She was so
strong and brave in her fight with this illness. I
miss her so much. My love for her will aways burn
bright and she'll always be my girl.



This dedication is to my best Buddie, my heart, my inspiration and the most loving creature I have ever known. Your pain and horrible disease is gone forever now and you can frolic through the fields of heaven. Think of your mommy on earth when you milk yourself to sleep at night. Gary, there are no words for the love I have for you. I hope you can now be in peace, I send my eternal love.

2-7-2003 to  2-21-2006


"He was my 'gentle giant'. My sweet soul. My teddy bear to hug and to make me feel special.  He made everyone feel special, with his huge copper eyes looking into your soul. All who met him fell in love with him: even those who usually couldn't care about cats, saw something that drew them to him. Rest peacefully now, Buster. You are in my heart, my love."
- Your Mommy

Kanpur Majik
7/28/2005 - 5/22/2006

Kanpur Majik

Gone but never forgotten

May 1993-June 13, 2006


My beloved cat Bandit, she stole my heart and was my best friend and a part of my life for 12 1/2 years!

Laurie and Markus' Stinky


Our dearest little girl, We knew the day would eventually come when our lives would forever change. For 13 years you gave us love and laughter. Sleep sweetly my little one and know we will carry you in our heavy hearts forever until we meet again. You are so deeply loved little one. We miss you terribly.
Love, Mommy and Daddy

June's Meow


"My only cat that strayed right into my heart and stayed."

Liz's Mikey


My Little Lion. Gone but never forgotten.

Marje's Joey


Our big mug, Joey Martell; he lived on,
and is now buried on, Chickapin Hill.